New Miniseries!!!

Published: Jul 21, 2023   -   10 months ago
See the actual trailer for Bengo here at For those of you who don't know us, we are a small (right now) Florida-based animation studio specializing in digital 2D animation. We started our journey in 2016 by testing out our skills with cartoons and have since found it necessary to share some of our creations with you. For more Toon House, look forward to our other upcoming shows -- don't worry, they're all for kids...
Stats: 14 seconds,   6 frames,   725 KB
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9 months ago
Don't go away... everything is still in the works... sorta. We still shoot for this to come out around September or something (if I can make it in time)
9 months ago
Thank you so much for the feedback! Again, we are still starting up and we ourselves deserve more followers, especially on YouTube.
9 months ago
This is lit