Yooo, look what just released!

Published: May 21, 2022   -   2 years ago
TheBigWhiteGun’s collaboration finally released! I’m so glad that I was able to enter this project as well as your guys support! Here is the collab marking my entry: https://youtu.be/LUdRCA-VMuk?t=124
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2 years ago
Also, I will be uploading more videos soon. The current story-time animation is 8 minutes long. This will also be my last type of video because: The community is getting less popular for smaller creators and less generalized and convenient, these videos are taking a long time to upload due to some logical and illogical reasons, and I feel I want to switch up my content a little bit, and start anew with content that gives me more views and subscribers. Thanks for reading.
2 years ago
What did you guys think of my part? I thought it was atleast was worthy in a top 7.