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Published: Apr 4, 2022   -   1 year ago
Ok, here's the story: About a month ago, a YouTuber by the name of "TheBigWhiteGun" popped up in my recommendations. Since I am into animation and stick figures, his video titles in my feed were quite the hunch. I clicked on one of his videos titled "STICK ARENA 2" and was dazzled by it. I then binged watched all of his other videos repeatedly in amazement on his stories and smooth animation style. Now to the present day. On April 4, 2022 (which is at this time while i'm writing this description) He presented an animation collaboration (it's here to view: which anyone is free to join and use any program they'd like. He hasn't done this type of thing in over a decade! I want to join this collaboration because obviously he's my senpai. Second, the closing of this collab will occur in 2 more months, which I can be able to work on my part focused and steady piece-by-piece as well as the due date being a very generous offer to finish this project. Right now I have a one-week school break, so I could possibly be able to finish most of my animation by the time it's ending. Third, this opportunity could hopefully help me receive motivation to work and finish my story-time animation video on my YouTube channel. I broke many promises exclaiming it was done. There was just so much burnout and overworking that I'm not going at a triumphant pace as I was with my previous videos :( Please forgive me and this time I will be careful with giving promises. Last but not least, I could get some recognition and views for my own work for people who watch the collaboration video at its release. I'm definitely signing up for this! As of now, I already have a portion of what my part in his video may look like. It's here to view: Ok, now that I described the first half of this story, let me describe the second half: I have some assignments (one missing and one current) that my mom hints I have to do for school during my school break which will tamper my work flow. I will somehow manage to balance these two things accordingly without worshipping one higher than the other. See you later and wish me good luck for this collaboration! Cya squarians!
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