uGh teacherS

Published: Nov 1, 2021   -   2 years ago
I think that my teachers really dislike me -.- Cause my reading teacher put in a missing assignment that I DID do and said that it was a glitch in the system, then my history teacher put in a project that we had to do for her class as missing which I DID and said that she had found it in the 7th grade basket?? Like Mrs. Gurl you ain't gonn make me fail, and then now the MATH teacher put in TWO missing assignments that we did today as missing???? SHE WATCHED ME FINISH THEMMMM and I know that I turned them both in Q_Q and the reading teach. had put my grade from an 84 and a friggin 46 because she miss placed only my assignment for a questions 1-4 chapters thing ;-; THEY ALL HATE ME I SWEARRR I don't even act up tho T.T
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2 years ago
queen ruby?..
2 years ago
wth is wrong with people school is already hard enough
2 years ago
The system is so rigged ;-;
2 years ago
I won't be able to do dance or track >:[