Rant ig

Published: Aug 5, 2021   -   5 months ago
Bro im kinda pissed bc my friend bug is getting harassed by this 19 year old. He’s engaged and still says sexual stuff to buggy.. he did this to me to when i was 13, was two years ago but i would have hoped he would have changed. I can’t cuss him out either bc i would be the one getting kicked from the server even tho what hes doing is wrong and gross. This server has had multiple complications with p3dos before, I understand hes a mod in the server but seriously? Thats fckin gross.
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5 months ago
hey im a bag thank you!
5 months ago
When i was 13 he called me a milf just bc people nick named me “server mom” bc of how much i cared for them. Ik leaving the server would be easier but i use it a lot and a lot of my friends are in it..