the b o i s

Published: Jul 31, 2020   -   1 week ago
BNHA ocs!! The first 3 (Mako, Suraimu, and Konchu) are all best friends and have a villain history together. They all live in a little apartment they all rent- uH, Kugutsu is their neighbor and they all keep kicking him in the shin. Kugutsu failed the entrance exam due to an accident with his quirk side effect (alien hand syndrome) so now he’s doing his best. ok sorry
Stats: 32 seconds,   4 frames,   156 KB
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1 week ago
i’m love konchu
1 week ago
I read only eats pens as- jsbsnshsbd
1 week ago
he’s- Suraimu
1 week ago
what about slime guy