:=+ Sibling Squabble...or more +=:

Published: Sep 22, 2020   -   3 weeks ago
+Damian looked through the cabinet, his eye grew wide when he didn't find his dinner and "adult water" , he slammed the cabinet and stormed out of the kitchen and into the living room+ ''WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT EATTING AND DRINKING MY THINGS?!'' +He screamed at his brother, his face contorted in fury+ ''I- I uhhhhh s-sorry big b-brother-'' +Ryan stammered, his eyes glazed with fear, Damian snarled and pushed Ryan to the ground+ ''How many times. Will. you. take. my. belongings.'' +He growled through gritted teeth, fiery ice built up in his throat+ ''I- I- I'm v-very s-sorry b-big brother!! P-Please don't h-hurt me!!'' +Ryan begged, Damian flexed his claws and raised them high over Ryan+ ''You'll be sorry you EVER TOOK ANYTING OF MINE!!!'' +Damian's sharp, frost tipped claws came crashing down, Ryan's eye's flew shut, tears ran down Ryan's face+ Tehe next part of the story coming soon~~
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2 weeks ago
damian will hug ryan and they will make up, theres the ending plspslsplspls